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September 24, 2017
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December 3, 2017
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New technology arrives at Podology – the Chiropody and beauty clinic.


The team of Podiatrists at Podology based in Milton Street in Saltburn have added some new revolutionary treatments to their offering. Investing in a new SWIFT Microwave Treatment system for warts and verrucae and also a diagnostic tool for fungal nail infections.


We are the only clinic in Teesside to offer the new Swift microwave technology treatment which provides a precise and easy way of treating skin lesions. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue. Laura Dicken clinical director says “We are delighted to bring these amazing new treatments to Podology, our podiatrists are dynamic and forward thinking. We are so excited to offer solutions to stubborn and unsightly verrucae and fungal nails.”


Podiatrist Silva Cochrane asks ; “Do you suffer with discoloured, thickened or crumbly toe nails? If so you may have a fungal nail infection.  Infection usually spreads from the skin, where a fungal skin infection may have gone undiagnosed or been asymptomatic.  Fungal infections often start on the sole of the foot and spread in between the toes and eventually onto the nails.  Infection rates increase with age and nails that are damaged are particularly susceptible.”


Establishing a diagnosis remains an important step in the management of fungal nails infections.  Historically this has involved sending off a sample of nail to the microbiology department and then waiting weeks for the result.  Due to various factors, including the difficulty in obtaining a good enough specimen for culture, results often come back negative.  These negative results are frustrating for practitioners and patients, despite the obvious appearance of a fungal nail infection.


Podology have now introduced a revolutionary new fungal nail test to our ever increasing list of treatments. The test is simple, painless and the results are available within minutes.


Once a positive diagnosis is made, an appropriate management plan can be discussed.  Management will involve regular reduction of the nail to improve its clinical appearance and provide the best base for the application of a topical anti-fungal treatment.  If the treatment is severe you may be advised to see your GP to discuss oral medication.


Treatment of fungal nail infections can be difficult and requires perseverance.  You can be assured that we will be with you every step of the way!


To book your course of SWIFT verruca treatments or book a fungal nail test please call Podology on: 01287 622280. For further information peruse the website



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